And he left…

And he left,

With a backpack on his shoulder.

Realizing that it was life, 

The daughters grew older.

A smile on his face said something,

Oh dear! take care and I’ll be back

Mommy held their hands

And stood behind their back.

Living away from him,

She cried all along

For her daughters,

She became so strong.

No one helped,

No one cared.

The three stood still,

And rest stared.

Giving a tight hug

 She made them strong,

And the three cried all along.


Published by: Prachi

Hi!! I am Prachi. I am from Delhi, India. I am a student of Chemistry, pursuing graduation in Chemistry from University of Delhi. Besides academics I have a profound interest in writing. Writing gives me a special kind of happiness. Healing Words is a medium for me to share my personal feelings and ideas. I write what I feel. Here I have posted my own writings. I also love to sketch, draw and do photography. My work has been published in three books. You may checkout my published work on . Besides this, I am a member of "Moiramor Magazines". On November 9, 2020 I got a chance to speak up on Creativity and Innovations. It was a meeting with the students and professors of Yorkville University, Canada through a video meet. You may know more about it on have a page also, on Instagram as @_healing__words_ . I will try my best to write more and I am looking forward to more such opportunities.

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